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I would like to thank my my over at Fuse 8 for the following video.  I know its just another flash mob but it seems to full of joy that I couldn't resist posting it.  I absolutely love cultures that embrace dancing, especially for men.  Enjoy!

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I am so unspeakably tired from my travels but wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  Got in at 2am this morning and slept for a solid twelve hours today. 

During the closing ceremonies (which always make me sad and wistful) I found out that Matt Smith was at Glastonbury last year.  I don't think that I have ever wanted to be a part of something more than those six minutes.

This is the music that needs to be played on dance night at Gallifrey.  We have to make this happen next year.
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I took some photos with my cell phone on the walk home on Thursday.  The Conservatory Garden and the hill overlooking the Harlem Meer were rather particularly picturesque.

more garden gate photos under cutCollapse )
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It looks like the airfares to LA. have jumped up by $130 in the last 24 hours which sucks.  However,  I just remembered that I have a ton of miles on my Continental account and thought I'd look into redeeming them.  While my dates aren't 100% settled yet, in all likelihood I'LL BE FLYING FIRST CLASS ON A FREE TICKET TO GALLY!
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Through a odd chain of events that involves Batman and polar bears I have now been charged with seeing if I can find someone willing to teach toddlers how to swing dance (or at least move to swing music).

Any suggestions?
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This would be my front gate surrounded by three feet of snow.  It took me a while to kick enough snow out of the way so that I could wedge myself through the gate.  

After all the trouble of getting into work they are letting us out early.  *grumble*
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and to all a good night!

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I have been meaning to go to the Central Park Pumpkin Sail for years and it looks like this year it's finally going to happen.  I have no excuse now that I live seven blocks from Harlem Meer.

I bought a pumpkin at the grocery store this afternoon and proceeded to carve it with no real idea in mind.  Without a candle inside it looks pretty innocuous:

But with a candle it becomes the Pumpkin with Pinstripes of Fire.

It will hopefully set sail tomorrow at twilight,

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I had only lived in New York City for two weeks. I didn't even know I had view of the towers from the lobby of my apartment building until that morning.  I never met the people that died that day and I'll never experience this city that love with them in it.

All of you.

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